Daria Spiridonova

violin, baroque violin


I have been teaching violin, solfeggio, harmony and music theory since 2017 and also worked with several piano students. People of different ages and qualifications have passed through my hands. I started with very young children without any musical skills, prepared teenagers for entrance exams to specialized music schools, worked with adults who wanted to let music into their lives as a hobby, and also gave a few lessons for children with autism spectrum disorders. My main specialization is violin and theory. I am very happy to be connected to very rich and plentiful Russian theoretical school and gather from there extensive knowledge from the first grades of music schools to graduating courses of higher educational institutions, and now I love to pass it on to my students. The violin teaching aids were my reference books during the school years, now I am carefully studying child and adolescent psychology in order to be more competent in the selection of individual studying plans for my students.

if you have an interest in a lesson in any of these disciplines, please contact me by e-mail. I teach in Russian, English and German languages.