I was born in Kazan, Russia, where I graduated from the special music school at the Kazan State Conservatory in 2010. In 2016, I received a diploma with honors at the Faculty of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts of the Moscow State Conservatory, and in 2018 a postgraduate diploma at the Moscow Conservatory. In the same year, I moved to Frankfurt am Main to continue my studies as a Baroque violinist in the class of Mechthild Karkow. I am currently studying at the Cesena Conservatory in Italy with the inimitable master of pedagogy and exceptional musician Luca Giardini.

I have had the good fortune to meet and learn from such greats as Marina Katarzhnova and Alexander Trostyansky, excellent solo violinists and chamber musicians on the Moscow stage; wonderful harpsichordists Maria Uspenskaya and Aleksey Shevchenko opened for me the world of basso continuo in all its glory; Olga Pyatnickaya, Mikhail Dubov, Olga Martynova, Elizaveta Miller and Alexei Lyubimov are people without whom I cannot imagine my path towards chamber music.

The winding path of search and discoveries within the world of music has taken me through many amazing events of the Russian music world, such as the concert of the Yuri Bashmet’s Youth Symphony Orchestra, in which I played in 2014 in Moscow, Sochi, Tyumen, St.-Petersburg and also in Brussels, Geneva and  the large hall of the Berlin Philharmonic; participation in the famous Diaghilev festival in Perm and “December Evenings” in Moscow as a solo violin in small ensembles; several concerts by the outstanding russian group “Persimfans “- an orchestra without a conductor, where every member of the orchestra is extra important, and the early music orchestra from Moscow “Pratum Integrum” – that is an incomparable chamber music experience! Many, many concerts have been played in Moscow, and I am very grateful for this experience on stage. Then my path led me to Western Europe, and in 2019 I won one of the main prizes of the H. I. von Biber Early Music Competition, took part in two CD recordings as a chamber partner and solo violin with Maria Ladurner (soprano) and Jan Nigges (recorder), and in October 2020 played my first solo tour all over Holland with 8 concerts as part of the Utrecht Early Music Festival. The year 2020 also brought participation in the wonderful «Grandezze e Meraviglie» Festival in Sassuolo, Italy, with my dear teacher Luca Giardini and the 2nd prize in the international competition of baroque violinists “José Herrando” (Onda, Spain). In 2021 I was honored with the Premio Rotary in Cesena, a special prize in multidisciplinary media competition RheinMain Gestalt, was taken to semi-final of Brugge Early Music competition, played as a soloist and a chamber music partner on such stages as Alte Oper (Frankfurt), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) and Bozar (Brussels) and in September have got a violin from Willem van der Sijde (1690) from the Netherlands’ Jumpstart Foundation.

I don’t only specialise in baroque and classical repertoire but continue to play romantic and modern repertoire on the modern violin. I am currently working on a project arranging folk songs from a number of different countries for solo violin.

I would very much like to thank my very first violin teacher, Elmira Gazizova, who always believed in me and never gave up.